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Skyros, an island as beautiful as it is serene, lies in the Aegean Sea literally wedged between the island of Evia and the Sporades Islands.

Breathtaking landscapes and stunning vistas alternate on an island whose indelibly traditional character is complemented by the comfort of the accommodations it offers its visitors. Visitors enjoying a vacation on Skyros are given the opportunity to spend their holidays in relaxation surrounded by nature at its best.

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On Skyros, mountain and sea wed in harmony with the island's southern shore dotted by sun-kissed beaches and with its northern one offering a terrain that is as ragged as it is awe-inspiring.

One of the most endearing characteristics of Skyros is its traditional housing settlements. Charming and picturesque, built in the unrivalled architectural style of Skyros, the housing settlements offer themselves for sightseeing and exploration, turning vacations into an unforgettable, vibrant experience.

One such housing settlement is Magazia, located next to Molos on the eastern beachfront of Skyros. The Magazia traditional housing settlement is built on one of the most attractive beachfronts on Skyros.

The beachfront is a favorite with visitors who come to its golden sands to relax and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea under the summer sun.

The Perigiali Studios is situated a mere 70 m from the Magazia beachfront. Its accommodations include rooms, studios, and apartments that are available for rent and have been designed to offer comfortable and pleasant holidays to its guests.

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